Quick and Easy School Lunch Box Slice


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Hello!! You rock my world Bianca, your recipes really are simple AND delicious. Here in South Africa we have a thing called ‘rusks’. Basically these are hard biscuit type slices about 2.5cm thick, typically dunked into a morning cup of tea/ coffee. I have been looking for a Paleo ‘rusk’ recipe for AGES, always attempting to turn a cookie/ biscuit recipe into rusks but with my attempts ending disappointment. This recipe is the closest thing Wow, wow, wow!!! I pressed one batch into my bread mould, sliced it once cooled for 5 min then transferred back to my oven(which I switched off) – allowing the slices to harden. Although they hold their shape quite well, they still do crumble a little. WOULD IT HELP IF I ADDED PSYLIUM HUSK TO THE RECIPE? if so, how much? If not, what other suggestions do you have? xxx